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“Belén is a wonderful spiritual flute player, who teaches the skills to create beautiful music. One you will remember and take with you forever… (Click Here to Read More)

Sheila Jones

What is special about the Native American flute

Imagine learning to play a musical instrument without having to spend years studying music and complicated techniques. Your opportunity to express your creativity in a relaxed and simple way. But this is not an ordinary musical instrument, it can be a healing tool that will take you to deep states of relaxation.

This instrument is the Native American flute, a legacy from the Native American Indians that will be your companion for a lifetime. It can help you to transform negative emotions and feel more relaxed and peaceful when you play or listen to it. At the same time, you will be improving your breathing as it is an essential aspect of flute playing. Finally, it is a wonderful instrument to play in nature, as the Native Americans used to do. Get inspiration from nature as you play and feel more and more relaxed and connected.

Welcome to Enchanted Flute

This website is dedicated to the Native American flute, an amazing musical instrument that can be used for healing and transformation. I want to make this instrument accessible for everyone because I believe in all its beneficial qualities. It is also very easy to play, and you don’t need to learn conventional music to do it. Here you can find information about workshops in person and online private sessions. Finally, you can also see here dates for sound journeys I offer with some musician friends in Bristol.

If you want to keep updated about all these events and activities, feel free to signup and also get your free guide.

Want to be part of the Native American flute Tribe?

You can join our tribe in Bristol (UK) via our Facebook and MeetUp groups. When you join these groups, apart from getting information about the workshops, you also get the opportunity to meet other members for musical gatherings, where we play the flute and other instruments. If you don’t live in Bristol, don’t worry I am planning to create an online tribe in the future. Sign up for the mailing list so you can be updated once I create this.

"Belén took part in my Sound Healing Sessions. She plays on her Native American Flute skillfuly. It is magical and very relaxing. It contributed to overall quality of the Sound Journey. Thank you."

Karolina (Certified Sound Healing Practitioner)

"Belén is a deep spiritual practitioner. I can see in her someone that can transport both herself and others into a deeper soulful place. She has a great balance of earth and sky in her and I can see her, in her spiritual work, only going from strength to strength."

Tom Llewellyn (Meditation/Kundalini Yoga/Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection/Ritual Facilitator)

"Thank you Belén for introducing me to the American indian flute, it is such a beautiful instrument, I find your workshops very informative & inspiring. My experience with the sound journey was very healing and look forward to attending more of your workshops and sound journeys in the near future."

Dale Catlow

"elén's workshop was pleasant, simple and informative. She taught us the basics and provided flutes for those who did not have one to practice on! I recommend it for beginners or anyone willing to learn a bit more about this wonderful instrument."

Lisa Angelini

"Belén is a wonderful spiritual flute player, who teaches the skills to create beautiful music. One you will remember and take with you forever. Her enthusiasm is for future and is a teacher who cares for her students and encourages, she is patient and kind. Belén has great teaching style and organises the most enjoyable follow on workshops. These are fun including others bringing flutes and different instrument to enrich the sounds and resonance. There are also meet up’s that take beginners to another level. Belén has encouraged many complete beginners to make this beautiful soft gentle sounding American flute and has developed a wonderful musical group of people, filling us with Inspiration. She gives us a time to reflect and listen to her play her flute, your heart is taken to a higher spiritual tune especially outdoors with her flute 'healing sounds'."